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Introducing the Mega Scan Pro New Edition, the highly anticipated and upgraded version of the renowned and best-selling Mega Scan Pro metal detector.

This new edition brings forth an array of exciting features and cutting-edge search systems, designed to enhance the treasure hunting experience like never before.

With six versatile search systems catered to meet the diverse needs of treasure hunters, the Mega Scan Pro New Edition offers unparalleled versatility and adaptability.

Whether you are searching for coins, relics, or precious metals or even tunnels, this device has all the tools to get you covered.

Equipped with an impressive range of detection technologies, the Mega Scan Pro New Edition combines the power of multiple devices into one compact and efficient solution; It is the ultimate all-in-one metal detection tool that ensures accurate and reliable results.

One of the standout features of this new edition is the enhanced 3D ground scan system, which provides a remarkable 3D visualization of underground targets with the accompanying Multi Visual Analyzer app, users can experience a completely new level of treasure hunting, gaining insights and analyzing their findings in a visually immersive manner.

The Mega Scan Pro New Edition boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, featuring an easy-to-use multi-language program, and visual indicators and feedback further simplify the operation, allowing both novice and experienced users to navigate and maximize the device’s capabilities effortlessly.

Unleash the full potential of your treasure hunting endeavors with the Mega Scan Pro New Edition, the ultimate metal detector that combines advanced features, state-of-the-art technologies, and user-friendly design for an unparalleled experience.

Get ready to embark on exciting adventures and uncover hidden treasures like never before.

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Device Features

  • Mega Scan Pro New Edition has Multi-Systems Multi-Purpose Solution: Combines a 3D ground scanner and a long-range metal detector in a single package.
  • Six Search Systems: Incorporates different metal detection technologies with the latest developments.
  • Powerful Detection Tools and Probes: Includes I.M.T.U and V.S.T for accurate target identification.
  • Modern Ergonomic Design: Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, suitable for long real-life use in search fields. Made of high-quality materials for a comfortable user experience.
  • Unique 3D Ground Scanning Technology: Utilizes the Vertical High Signal Transceiver (V.S.T) probe for detailed 3D visualization of scan data.
  • Multi Visual Analyzer App: Powerful multilingual 3D visualization and analysis app for displaying scan data as multi-color 3D graphics provides detailed information about targets, including type, position, and depth.
  • Enhanced Long-Range Locator Metal Detection Technology: Improved detection performance with a wider scan range of up to 3000 meters and a depth range of 50 meters.
  • Two Long Range Locator (LRL) Systems: Auto LRL and Manual LRL with customizable search options and visual indicators on the device screen.
  • Integrated Feedback System: Sound through audio tones, light via V.S.T LED Bars, and on-screen or tablet visualization for comprehensive target information.
  • High-Definition Color LCD Screen: 5-inch screen for easy adjustment of settings, clear reading of numbers, and comfortable visual interpretation of results.
  • User-Friendly Program: Available in 12 international languages, easy adjustment of search settings, selection of search systems and programs, distance and depth adjustments, and visual result viewing.
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  • External Rechargeable Battery: Operated via an external lithium-polymer battery located in a specially designed box, ensuring a long period of operation.

This search system incorporates an advanced sensor known as the Intelligent Multi Transceiver Unit (IMTU). This cutting-edge sensor emits high-frequency wave signals in the desired search direction.

These waves intersect with magnetic field signals emitted by buried metal targets. A pair of antennas capture the reflected signals, which converted into digital signals.


Within this system, the user has the ability to adjust the search values and settings manually based on their individual preferences prior to commencing the search.

The user can customize following options:

  • Target

The user has the option to select the target type, which refers to the specific metal composition of the target, they can choose from a range of preset search programs that encompass various categories of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

For instance, options include gold, silver, copper, diamonds, and gemstones.

  • Distance

The distance value represents the scanning range in the forward direction, and the user can precisely select a value within the range of 0 to 2000 meters.

  • Depth

The maximum search depth value indicates the deepest level that device can reach using the current search settings.

User can adjust this value precisely within a range of 0 to 50 meters.

Once the previous search settings have been adjusted, a digital compass displayed on the device’s screen.

This compass includes an indicator that shows the device’s orientation, such as pointing towards the north.

Additionally, a graded indicator in the form of a semicircle display, that represents the direction of antenna movement based on the user’s motion during the search.

An essential feature aiding the user in accurately adjusting the device’s tilt angle is the gradient tilt indicator.

This indicator reflects the degree of inclination of the device relative to the horizon, the correct values shown in green, while incorrect values in red, helping the user achieve precise and accurate device inclination.

The IMTU and antennas serve as the primary tools for detecting potential targets within the long-range scanning field.

This advanced search system is capable of covering vast areas in a designated space, effectively identifying all types of buried metals with corresponding percentage values.

The user has the ability to adjust the following settings:

  • Distance:

Determines the scanning range in the forward direction and can be set within a range of 0 to 3000 meters.

  • Depth:

Sets the maximum depth at which potential targets can be detected, with a customizable range of 0 to 50 meters.


Once the desired settings selected, the user can initiate the search process.

During the search, the antennas will move left or right based on the presence of nearby targets. A visual indicator on the screen will provide guidance through a progress bar displayed in gradient colors ranging from green (indicating minimum) to red (indicating maximum).

The user should track the antenna movement until he receive optimal signals , and upon completion, the user can proceed to the “Report” screen, which presents a visual report in the form of four horizontal bars representing gold, silver, iron, and diamonds.

Each bar displays an estimated percentage value indicating the likelihood of target composition.

The ionic search system represents a groundbreaking advancement in metal detection technology, setting it apart from traditional systems found in competing products.

Developed with a completely novel approach, this system leverages state-of-the-art technology to achieve highly precise detection of ion fields emitted by buried metal targets.

This remarkable capability possible through the implementation of the Intelligent Multi Transceiver Unit (IMTU), which ensures accurate reception and processing of signals. Additionally, users have the ability to adjust certain signal settings directly on the screen, enhancing the accuracy of the results obtained.

Upon selecting the ionic system, the device will commence the search process automatically. The user can adjust following settings:

  • Sensitivity:

This setting determines the responsiveness of the ionic system during the search. As the system scans for targets, it emits specific scanning sounds that reflect the target’s ability or the distance between the user and the target.

The user can modify the sensitivity value to analyze the output sound. The sensitivity value can be set between 0 and 100.


  • Gain:

The gain setting controls the signal strength or signal gain of the device. It presented as a percentage value ranging from zero to 100.

To detect larger-sized targets, the user can decrease the gain value, while increasing the gain value enhances the detection of smaller targets.

The results screen displays the aforementioned values as circular percentage indicators on the right side. Additionally, a signal power indicator display below.

This search system operates similarly to the ionic search system, utilizing the Intelligent Multi Transceiver Unit (IMTU) for the scanning process.

However, there is a significant difference in how it functions. In this bionic system, user capture ionic signals specifically from a particular sample metal object, such as golden ring.

The search is then directed towards capturing similar ionic signals emitted by metal objects buried underground within the surrounding area.


In contrast to the random and unrestricted search approach of the ionic system, the bionic system follows predefined signals to guide the search process.

Once the user selects the bionic system and directs the I.M.T.U towards a specific metal target the device initiates the search in alignment with the user’s movement.

The user can set following options:


  • Sensitivity:

The user can modify the sensitivity value to analyze the output sound generated during the search. The sensitivity value range is between 0 and 100.


  • Gain:

This option controls the signal gain or strength. It is presented as a percentage value, ranging from 0 to 100. To optimize the detection of larger-sized targets, the user can decrease the gain value, while increasing it enhances the detection of smaller targets.

The result screen presents the aforementioned values as circular percentage indicators on both the right and left sides. Additionally, a signal power indicator displayed below for reference.

3D Ground Scan system is an innovative search system incorporated in the new Mega Detection devices introduces cutting-edge technology.

Here in Mega Scan Pro this powerful system utilize Vertical High Signal Transceiver (V.S.T) probe as ground scanning tool to record the measurements of the scan in each scan line and scan point.

These scan data visualized as 2D multi-colored grid on device screen, where every cell in grid present scan point and the color of cell present specific object type like ferrous metal or cavity for example.

In addition, user has the choice to visualize scanning data with more accuracy as 3D graphics inside Multi Visual Analyzer app that he can install on any Android tablet, the 3D representation of data with different colors gives the user more broad view of scanned area and what it contains of different target types.

With this advanced technology, users can effortlessly locate buried items and underground voids with enhanced speed and accuracy.

The user of the device can adjust following options:

  • Displaying Results

The user has the option to choose between two display modes:

  • Device: In this mode, the device visualize scan results on the device screen.
  • Tablet: In this mode, scan data will be visualized on connected tablet inside Multi Visual Analyzer app


  • Search Mode

This setting determines the method of performing the scan procedure and can be set to:

  • Manual: If selected, the user will manually record the measurement of signals at each point.
  • Automatic: In this mode, the device will automatically record measurements at every point at timed intervals.


  • Path

The path value signifies the user’s movement pattern during the scan process and offers two options:

  • One Direction

If selected, the user will move along the search line, recording signals at each point. At the end of each line, they will return near the start of the previous line but with an offset distance to initiate scanning another line.

This creates a unidirectional scan pattern where all lines are parallel.

  • Zigzag:

In this mode, the start point of the next search line positioned near the end of the previous line. In other words, the user’s movement direction will be opposite for each consecutive line.

  • Size

This setting allows the user to configure the following:

  • Width: Specifies the number of scan lines.
  • Height: Determines the number of points in each scan line.



  • Start Point

The user can set the starting point within the search area (a rectangular region encompassing the scan lines and points).

  • Left: If selected, the scan process will begin from the bottom-left corner of the search area.
  • Right: In this mode, the scan process will initiate from the bottom-right corner of the search area.


Once all the settings have been configured as mentioned above, the Scan tab will provide a concise overview of the selected parameters. To initiate the scan procedure, the user simply needs to press the “OK” button located on the device’s control panel.

While conducting the scan process, the measurements taken at each scan point will be visually displayed on the screen as a 2D grid. This grid is composed of rows and columns of cells, with each cell representing a specific area of the ground. The color of each cell corresponds to the characteristics and structure of the corresponding ground area, providing valuable insights into the detected features.

The table below show the type of target for each color:

Green Light Blue Blue Yellow Red
Normal Ground Small Cavity Cavity metal objects gold


On the right side of the 2D grid, several values are displayed, including the current x-coordinate (line number), current y-coordinate (current point), and the search value.

If the user opts to conduct the scan using the tablet device, the user has the option to set same settings inside Multi Visual Analyzer app.

The device then performs the scanning process in a similar manner, and the results directly display on the tablet screen in the app.

The results are visualized in the form of a three-dimensional representation, which provides the user with a more precise means to visualize and identify buried targets.

This visual representation includes information such as the type of targets (based on color), their depth, and their exact positions within the scanned area.

The primary purpose of this system is to detect the presence and location of metal targets or cavities accurately.

It achieves this with sound or graph feedback displayed on the screen, or through visual representations on a connected tablet via the app.

The scanning process, which aims to identify potential targets locations, carried out using the V.S.T probe.

In the result screen of this system, there are many options:

  • Sensitivity

While conducting the search process and scanning for targets, the pin pointer system generates distinct scan sounds and graphs on the screen to indicate the presence of the target beneath the ground.

The user has the flexibility to adjust the sensitivity value at any point during the search. This allows them to analyze the output sound and graph effectively for a more accurate assessment of the target’s presence.

  • Calibration

User can use this option to calibrate the V.S.T probe sensor sensitivity at any time based on the ground type and the scan area state.

  • Reset

Reset the calibration process to default values.


The visual depiction of received signals on the device screen takes the form of a curved graph. When the probe detect metal signals, the graph consists of upward-facing rectangles of varying lengths. These rectangles are color-coded, with a gradient from green to red at the center, representing the maximum signal strength. As the values decrease, the color gradient transitions back towards green.


In the case of detecting cavity signals, such as a tunnel, the graph is composed of downward-facing rectangles of different lengths.

Similar to metal signals, these rectangles are color-coded. However, in this case, the gradient ranges from green to dark blue at the center, indicating the highest signal values. The color then gradually shifts back towards green as the signal strength decreases.

Easy to Use Software Program

Mega Scan Pro software program features a user interface designed with the latest modern software technologies, focusing on graphical interface and user experience.

It incorporates an attractive and contemporary design, employing a consistent color theme and graphical icons to present the search systems, options, and settings of the device in a user-friendly manner.

Whether you are a novice or a professional user, the interface designed to be easily understandable.

The screens and controls are thoughtfully designed, considering the best guidelines of user experience. This ensures that users have the best possible experience, offering flexibility and ease of use.

The controls allow for easy adjustment of various values and settings related to the different search systems available in the device with a focus on providing optimal control and usability, the interface aims to enhance the overall user experience.


Search Systems Screen

Users have the flexibility to select their desired search system by simply clicking on the corresponding search system icon from the list presented on home screen.

With the easy-to-use buttons, users can effortlessly choose from a range of six different search systems this empowers users to tailor their search approach based on their specific preferences and requirements.


Language Screen

To cater to prospectors worldwide, Mega Scan Pro designed to accommodate users from different countries with its program and interfaces available in various internationally spoken languages.

The device offers a seamless language-switching functionality within its settings, allowing users to effortlessly change the user interface language.

With a selection of 12 languages, Mega Scan Pro covers the most important languages spoken globally. The supported languages include German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, and Chinese.

This extensive language support ensures that users from diverse backgrounds can comfortably and effectively utilize the device for their treasure hunting endeavors.


Date & Time Settings

Mega Scan Pro offers a valuable feature that allows users to set and maintain the accurate date and time, even when the device is turned off. This feature ensures that the device retains the correct values regardless of power status.


To facilitate timekeeping during field searches, the device prominently displays a digital clock at the top right corner of the screen. This clock continuously shows the current time, enabling users to track the time without relying on external devices such as wristwatches or mobile phones. This is particularly important since carrying metal objects during the search can interfere with magnetic signal capture.


The significance of the date and time functionality becomes apparent when saving search files or ground scanning values. These files are automatically saved with a name that includes the date and time of the file creation. This ensures that users can easily identify and analyze search processes conducted on specific dates and at specific locations. Having this information readily available empowers users to review and evaluate their search activities effectively.


Screen Settings

On this screen, users have control over several useful settings pertaining to the device’s screen.

These settings include:


  • Energy Saving Mode:

By activating this mode, users can set the duration after which the screen automatically turns off (if no buttons are pressed). This feature ensures that battery power is conserved for extended usage.


  • Screen Brightness:

Users can adjust the screen brightness to a specific value that suits their preferences based on factors such as the time of day, weather conditions (e.g., foggy or rainy days), or personal comfort.

Lower brightness settings can also be utilized to conserve battery power effectively.


Audio Settings

The device offers a range of audio alerts that vary based on the selected search system.

You can customize the sound settings and volume of different alerts within the device’s settings.

These include:


  • General Sound:

This setting allows you to control the overall volume of the device’s sound, including the speaker sound volume.


  • Keypad sound:

Adjusts the volume of the sound emitted when pressing buttons on the control panel.


  • Scan sound:

This setting enables you to adjust the volume of the sound produced during the ground scanning process using the scanning tools.



Opt for this option to conserve power and extend the battery life during device operation.

Enabling this feature can increase the battery lifespan by at least 50%, with the actual duration varying based on the selected search system and the type of connected sensor.


Scan Files

During the process of conducting 3D ground scan, users have the ability to save the scan results as files into the memory of the device.

With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, users can effortlessly access and review all previously saved files. They can open these files to view the stored results. Furthermore, if needed, users can delete specific previously stored files to free up memory space for future searches.



Here the user can set the following options

  • Reset Settings: reset general settings without deleting previously saved scan files.
  • Factory Settings: reset to the factory values (the values when purchasing the device from the factory) while deleting the saved files
  • Clear Memory: clean memory to free up the device’s memory of all saved files.


Device information

This screen displays the device information, which are:

  • Device Version
  • Software version
  • Device Model
  • Serial Number
  • Manufacturer Country
  • QR code: the user can read it to obtain useful information about the device, including the manufacturer website


Security settings

  • Pin Lock: activate or deactivate the screen lock

Set Pin: here user can set a pin number (a number that without entering it correctly any person can’t access and login to the device software program)

Package Package Dimensions 68 x 51 x 28 cm
Package Weight 17 Kg
Material ABS Plastic
CPU Processor Type ARM 64 Bit
Processor Frequency 1.4 Ghz
Memory Storage Memory 32 GB
Memory Type SD Card
Screen Screen Type High Resolution TFT LCD
Screen Size 5 Inch
Screen Resolution 1024 x 860
Colors 16 million
Wi-Fi Connection 2.4 Ghz
Sound Output Speaker – Headset
Jack Type 3.5 mm
Headset Wired Headphones
Internal Speaker Yes
Power Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity 21000 mAh
Fast Charging No
Removable Battery Yes
Languages German – English – French – Spanish – Russian – Italian – Arabic – Hebrew – Persian – Turkish – Urdu – Chinese
Temperatures Operation temperature 0°C – 40°C
Storage temperature  –20°C – 60°C
Humidity 5% – 75%
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