Metal Detectors

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Mega Scan Pro

Mega Scan Pro a most powerful gold & metal detection device, that has been developed exclusively to meet the needs of gold and precious metals prospectors around the world.
Mega Scan Pro with its built-in features and included accessories and special advanced technologies, is considered a professional device for all metal detection activities in all terrain.
Mega Scan Pro is a versatile device as it contains three search systems and can detect various metals types like gold, silver, bronze and platinum.
In addition to it can detect cavities like tunnels and hidden rooms underground, also it can detect diamonds and gemstones.

Mega G3

As a result of long time researches and numerous experiments in several countries around the world, we proudly released MEGA G3.
MEGA G3 is a second release of Mega Detection technology, a most powerful technology in the field of detection of gold treasures and precious metals and even diamonds.
Mega G3 is a multi-purpose device, as it can detect gold, silver, bronze, copper, diamonds, gemstones and cavity.
It includes two search systems, a powerful Long Range locator system, and new Ionic Scan system.
Thus it is a perfect device for any serious treasure hunter and
gold prospector.

Mega Gold

Mega Gold a latest technology in the field of gold detection and metal detection.

a precise technology to detect targets like gold treasures and diamonds in all terrains.
Mega Gold is the recommended choice for any amateur and professional prospector, thanks to its built-in features and its ease of use;

with its cheap price suitable for the budget of wide range of customers.

Mega Diamond Locator

After the large and growing demand from our customers for the need for a device of Mega Detection to detect the diamond and gems inside the earth It has been working to find a special device for researchers these targets.
Diamond Locator is the latest technology to detect diamonds and gems, which can work within all terrain to capture the smallest sizes of gems from long distances, with the possibility to determine the type of the target in separate programs to search, Enables the client to choose the target to be searched for.